Our Services

eGovernance Solutions

This group focuses on government sector needs & draws upon the capabilities of Enterprise Strategy group. Governments need to plan out IT initiatives catering to various domains like commerce, citizen welfare & governance needs. VizExec helps government define the roadmap & scope of IT initiatives after assessment of governance priorities & IT readiness.

Over the period, we have developed a strong framework to develop and implement Single Window Clearance (SWC) systems.

Technology Practice – Enterprise Java and Mobility

Vizexec team of Java experts help transform business vision into rich internet based applications Our expertise lies in using state of the art Java technologies to automate simple and complex business processes.

The team’s experience with implementing enterprise class business application in our own products helps reduce the functional learning curve in applying technology to business.

Enterprise Business Application

Vizexec team helps customer implement world class Enterprise Resource Planning products. VizExec specializes in Oracle E Business Suite VizExec and has a team that helps customers with enterprise automation.

Our team has got the right experience and skills for ongoing maintenance and complete life-cycle support of these applications.

Social Media & Online Reputation Management

Social media monitoring is a very important factor for business and individuals alike to gauge public sentiment on a brand or individual. Vizexec simplifies this process by providing online sentiment analysis analytical reports and trends. We also help create positive impact with our online reputation management services (ORM). These services are provided using state of the art tools and content promotion strategy to create maximum positive impact.

VizSecure Solutions

CyberSecurity today has changed paradigm and the only thing consistent is the change. Defensive, Real-Time, Investigative and Offensive are some of the, if not all, variables that define the Cyber Security Space. Viz-Secure brings the cutting edge technologies to the table for our enterprise customers with the important aspect of execution and post sales support. It also brings the most scaleable and reliable solution for our government customers where the the threat to be dealt with is of the the highest criticality. Together we have more than 50 years of cumulative subject matter expertise and advisory services built into making integrated platforms offering carious aspects of Cyber Security to protect your assets and neutralize threats in the virtual world. read more