VizSecure Solutions

Comprehensive Information Dominance & C4IS Secured Grid Overlay Solutions

The concept of information superiority is somewhat analogous to concepts of air, sea or space superiority. This is because proper use of information is as lethal as other kinds of power. Further, the concept of information superiority leads a nation to attainment of decision superiority. The identified domain are :

  • Land Line
  • Radio/ GSM
  • Internet
  • Satellite Network

Information dominance has a physical to psychological actionable platform and converges to a well conducted joint operation on collated information which is assisted by new technologies considered as a Revolution in Defense Affairs (RDA). Thus, an improved doctrine to setup an information dominance grid at national platform will greatly contribute to a decisive outcome. Therefore, today it is needless to over emphasize the need for a Nation, aiming at building an informationalised digital dominance.

Framework below depicts an Integrated C4IS desired Security Grid with SOC as Central Control solution, which combines a variety of visualization tools, special devices and large display environment to enable users to view and analyze a wide range of inputs, ranging from data and signals available from different type of sensors, video, computer visualizations & such simulations with geospatial data.


  • GIS based - Operation Planning and Supervision System (OPSS)
  • Unified Communication
  • Tracking
  • Incident Management
  • Video Surveillance
  • Display Management and Control Center
  • Geo Tagged