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Political Constituency Nurturing System (CNS)

In the modern day context managing elections needs a very structured approach on mapping voters and connecting them to party workers for targeted campaigning. This is important to create the connect between the vision of the political party and the voter. Constituency Nurturing system is a unique software that helps political parties manage their political campaigns and measure party worker productivity and effectiveness. The software also has unique features to capture voter influencer data and other campaign activity related data from the ground using mobile technology and create reports on central server.

Key Features:

  • Voter Data upload and analysis reports.
  • Voter micro segmentation based on common attributes.
  • Voter list creation for door to door campaigning.
  • Mobile App for party worker inputs.
  • Voter micro segment campaign creation and monitoring.
  • Voter Influencer and vote impact analysis.
  • Party worker activity monitoring and task assignment.
  • Party worker productivity analysis.

For effective election campaigning we bundle services like social media and online reputation management (ORM) to offer a 360 Degree solution to our clients.